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  • Am I eligible to use a Family & Friends Railcard?

    Any adult can buy a Family & Friends Railcard. To use it, at least one of the group travelling must be named on the Railcard and there must also be at least one child travelling on a child rate ticket. The named Railcard holder must travel for the entire journey with any passengers who have been bought discounted tickets.

  • What happens if my child turns 16 while my Family & Friends Railcard is still valid?

    Children who turn 16 while your Family & Friends Railcard is valid are still entitled to get a discounted child fare for a time.

    If you have a 1-year Family & Friends Railcard, your child who has turned 16 can travel as long as the 1-year Family & Friends Railcard is valid.

    If you have a 3-year Family & Friends Railcard, your 16-year old can only travel as a child on the Railcard card until the day before they turn 17.

  • My child is under five. Can I still use a Family & Friends Railcard?
    A: Children under five years of age travel for free so do not have to have a ticket for travel. However, at least one child in your group will need to have a child rate ticket for you to be able to use a Family & Friends Railcard. So, if the children in your group are all four years of age or younger, you can buy one of them a discounted child ticket so that any accompanying adult can benefit Family & Friends Railcard discount.

  • Who can be a named Family & Friends Railcard holder?
    A: Any two adults can be named cardholders, and they can take up to four children with them. The second cardholder can be any adult that might spend time with your children such as a friend, grandparent, or childminder.

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